About The Festival

Given the fundamental nature of change that the world is experiencing, be it political, cultural, technological or ethical, for any discipline, particularly one such as Marketing which is about connecting brands with people, it has become critical to understand change in all its dimensions. The world of today needs a new way of seeing as well as a new way of doing. The old mental models of the world need to give way to the new, and both concepts and practices need to be thought of a new.

This is particularly true of a market and culture like India where rapid economic growth and sweeping changes in technology need to contend with a diverse and layered social structure and a noisy and vibrant democracy. With a large and growing consumer base and spiralling aspirations, change is rippling through India in exciting and often unpredictable ways, and marketers are being asked to respond with speed and imagination. For any marketer, understanding the nature of change as well grasping the full import of its many implications has thus become as vital as it has remained elusive. What is needed is an ecological understanding of change, where sense is made of all the factors that are influencing consumers and markets.

STAR FLOW - The Change Festival is being designed to gather experts from across several disciplines and geographies so as to examine the idea of change in all its dimensions so as to help participants set a new agenda for themselves. The idea is to bring together radical precept and disruptive practice in order to open up the mind and arm practitioners with new ways to engage with their own contexts. In terms of subjects, the net is being cast wide so as to take into account all the key variables that play a role in shaping the future. A cross-section of the very best minds from across the world are being invited to provide a stimulating platform that challenges conventional modes of thinking and acting. In order to provide each speaker with the time necessary to flesh out their ideas and engage in a meaningful interaction with the audience, only 12 speakers will be speaking over the 2 days of the conference.

STAR FLOW - The Change Festival is being curated and organised by the Times of India, the world’s largest English newspaper, and an authoritative voice in tracking and making sense of a changing world. Through all its publications, the Times of India reaches a total audience of 10 million Indians, including all key decisions makers in Business. It has a proven track record in holding large scale events, including the Global Business Summit and the Brand Equity India Marketing Awards. The ambition for the Festival is that it become the largest and the most authoritative one in the area of Marketing, and the intention is to set the bar extremely high in its inaugural edition.

Festival Advisor

Santosh Desai is a columnist, media critic and the author of ‘Mother Pious Lady: Making Sense of Everyday India’. In his professional life, Santosh is the MD & CEO of Futurebrands, a brand and consumer consultancy company and has previously headed an advertising agency. Santosh’s principal area of interest lies in examining the evolving nature of consumer culture in India. Thought leader in understanding the relationship between culture and brands and the consumer as a product of his or her cultural context Author of ‘City City Bang Bang’, a weekly column in The Times of India

Festival Advisor

Sanjeev Bhargava  is Director - Brand (TOI, TIMS and Mirror) in Bennett, Coleman and Co. Ltd. He has spent about three decades in advertising including 18 years with Draft FCB (now FCB Ulka) and 9 years in two stints with JWT. Sanjeev has worked with top marketing minds of the country to create efficacious and award-winning campaigns.